05 Dec 2019

Our recent Ph. D. graduate Qijue Wang presented his poster in Materials Research Society (MRS) 2019 Fall Meeting in Boston, MA during Dec. 2nd – 5th, 2019.

11 Oct 2019

We developed a method of purifying BNNTs at low temperatures with higher than 90% yield. In electronics, BNNTs are excellent electrical insulators with high thermal conductivity.

4 May 2018

We developed a simple method to measure the thickness of many graphene sheets with atomic precision.

25 Apr 2018

Undergraduate student Chloe Walsh successfully defended her honors thesis, “Self-Assembly of Native Spider Silk Protein” on April 25.

21 Apr 2018

We highlighted the ability of silk to replace current-day plastics and importance of our research to achieve this goal.

3 Mar 2018

The latest and greatest about our work on the structure and properties of spider silk.

18 Sep 2017

We show that graphene helps to make plastics more durable.

9 Mar 2017

The U.S. National Science Foundation features our breakthrough on the loops of the brown recluse spider in their Science Now—Science 360 show (Episode 50).

16 Feb 2017

Press Release: Looped Ribbon Silk By Hannes Schniepp

Discovery Channel Canada] airs a TV feature of our brown recluse looped silk discovery in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on February 15).

15 Feb 2017

The Daily Press has a video feature on our silk research.

14 Feb 2017

Press Release: Looped Ribbon Silk By Hannes Schniepp

In a new landmark publication we show that microloops in the ribbons silk of the recluse spider feature tremendous and unexpected toughness enhancing capabilities. Worldwide news coverage on TV, radio, print and online media.


30 Nov 2016

Will delivered both an oral presentation (on his work on high-pressure/high-temperature atomic force microscopy) and a poster presentation (on a new optical method of analyzing thickness and diameter of 2D-nanomaterials).

28 Nov 2016

The latest and greatest about our work on the structure and properties of spider silk.

27 Oct 2016

In our new paper we use tailor made atomic force microscopy probes to measure the stickiness of crude oil on rocks under different conditions.

8 Apr 2016

New Paper: Nanofiber Analysis By Sean Koebley

Our new review article addresses nanoscale characterization using atomic force microscopy.

6 Apr 2016

New Graphene-Based Coatings By Hannes Schniepp

Our new paper shows that putting atomically thin graphene nano-sheets into plastics can make paints and coatings much better.

4 Sep 2015

Daily Press Video Interview By Hannes Schniepp

The Daily Press talks to Prof. Schniepp on the group's latest research on silkworm silk.

3 Sep 2015

Daily Press: Silk Cover Story By Hannes Schniepp

The Daily Press has a cover story featuring our research on shear-induced self-assembly of molecularly thin silk fibrils.

1 Sep 2015

Press Release: Processed Silk By Hannes Schniepp

Our recent paper in Biomacromolesules revealed for first time that there are Flaws of Processed Silk Revealed at the Molecular Scale.

28 Jul 2015

Middle school students enrolled in Camp Launch Nanoscience stopped by the Schniepp lab for a hands-on look at our research.

4 Dec 2014

Our 2012 paper “Methods of Graphite Exfoliation” has now reached “highly cited” status, as it is in the top 1% of all papers in Materials Science. This is Prof. Schniepp's 5th “highly cited” paper.

10 Mar 2014

TV feature of recluse silk project By Hannes Schniepp

Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse silk project in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on March 10).



23 Dec 2013

Advanced Materials Frontispiece By Hannes Schniepp

Advanced Materials features our brown recluse silk paper out of all communications of the Dec 23 issue with a full-page frontispiece.

28 Oct 2013

C & E News features our paper on the recluse spider silk in their October 28 issue.

19 Oct 2013

Virginia Gazette features our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider with a story and photos in their October 19 issue.

15 Oct 2013

Daily Press brown recluse feature By Hannes Schniepp

The Daily Press, Hampton Roads' big newspaper, prominently features our research on the recluse spider silk with a long online article, accompanied with pictures and a video interview. In the print edition, our story had a large title page feature in the Oct 12 issue.

12 Oct 2013

Daily Press Video Interview By Hannes Schniepp

The Daily Press interviewed Prof. Schniepp about our research on the recluse spider silk. This is goes along with their long article, accompanied with pictures.

8 Oct 2013

We were the first team to extract silk fibers from the recluse spider and tested its properties.

25 Apr 2010

Chemistry junior Joe Christesen joins our research team for his “Honors” senior thesis in our research group.

1 Feb 2010

We set out to investigate the molecular-scale origin for the amazing properties of silk.



17 Dec 2009

Group Excursion to Yorktown By Hannes Schniepp

Our field trip leads us over the famous historic battlefields in the Historic Triangle of Virginia.

12 Aug 2009

NT-MDT issues a feature showcasing our recent work on surfactant micelles in aqueous solutions.

1 Jul 2009

Molecular Surfactant Self-Assembly By Hannes Schniepp

We visualized the dynamic self-assembly of surfactant molecules with high resolution.

15 Jun 2009

In the new environment the microscope provides superior performance and even better images.

3 Mar 2009

Graphene AFM work featured in C&EN By Hannes Schniepp

Hannes Schniepp's AFM work on graphene is featured in a cover story of ACS's Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).

16 Feb 2009

We have beautiful images from our newly made, large, single-atomic layer functionalized graphene sheets.

23 Jan 2009

We can now study nanomaterials across the length scales, down to atomic dimensions.

5 Jan 2009

We now have functionalized graphene in gram quantities.

23 Dec 2008

Group Excursion To Norfolk, VA by Hannes Schniepp

The Nanomaterials and Imaging Lab visits the USS Wisconsin and the Navy Museum

18 Dec 2008

Our new system becomes fully operational.

5 Oct 2006

Hannes Schniepp's AFM work studying the molecular-scale self-assembly of detergent molecules at millisecond time scales got prominently highlighted. This work was carried out in the group of Ilhan Aksay.

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