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In the nanomaterials & imaging lab, we investigate and develop high-performance lightweight nanomaterials of the next-generation. Such materials will be low-cost to produce, yet very versatile and multi-functional.

Principal Investigator of the Group is Prof. Hannes Schniepp.

Our Lab in the Media



Dec 2017 Prof. Schniepp speaks at the 7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues about our most recent results on the hierarchical structure of silk. thum_icmobt.jpg
Dec 2017 Prof. Schniepp joins the editorial board of PLOS ONE, one of the world's largest scientific journals as an Academic Editor.
Dec 2017 Prof. Schniepp presents four papers at the 2017 Fall MRS Meeting in Boston, MA on topics including the brown recluse ribbon silk, thermal interface materials, and interfacial properties of graphene. thum_mrs.jpg
Nov 2017 Ph. D. student Qijue Wang receives an International Student Opportunity Award from the Reves Center for International Studies, William and Mary.
Sep 2017 New publication: Polymer (2017) — Hocker, Hudson-Smith, Smith, Komatsu, Dickinson, Schniepp & Kranbuehl: "Graphene oxide reduces the hydrolytic degradation in polyamide-11". A tiny amount of graphene makes plastics more durable. thum_go-pa11.jpg
Mar 2017 The U.S. National Science Foundation produces a video feature of our breakthrough on the loops of the brown recluse spider in their Science Now—Science 360 show (Episode 50). thum_nsf.jpg
Feb 2017 Discovery Channel Canada] airs a TV feature of our brown recluse looped silk discovery in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on February 15). thum_dailyplanet.jpg
Feb 2017 BBC radio interview: On Feb. 20, the BBC aired a 5-minute radio interview with Prof. Schniepp on the group's recent breakthough on the looped recluse silk. Now available here (The Naked Scientists).
Feb 2017 ABC Australia radio interview: On Feb. 24, the BBC interview was also aired on the other side of the world. Now available here (The Naked Scientists).
Feb 2017 The Naked Scientists, a British science podcast, features Prof. Schniepp's BBC interview on their web page, including a written story and images: link.
Feb 2017 The Daily Press has a video feature on our silk research. daily_press_thumb.jpg
Feb 2017 The Daily Press interviews Prof. Schniepp as part of their front page story on our paper on the loops in the silk of the recluse spider. thum_dailypress.jpg
Feb 2017 New publication: Materials Horizons (2017) — Koebley, Vollrath & Schniepp*: "Toughness-enhancing metastructure in the recluse spider's looped ribbon silk". Ribbon silk has the unique ability to enhance toughness and maintain strength via looping.
Oct 2016 New publication: Energy & Fuels (2016) — Dickinson, Suijkerbuijk, Berg, Marcelis & Schniepp* "Atomic Force Spectroscopy Using Colloidal Tips Functionalized with Dried Crude Oil: A Versatile Tool to Investigate Oil–Mineral Interactions". Press Release. thum_energy-fuels.jpg
Oct 2016 Invited Presentation: Our PhD student Sean Koebley presents the most recent breakthroughs in his investigations of the brown recluse ribbons silk in front of the William & Mary Graduate Studies Advisory Board. thum_sean.jpg
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