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In the nanomaterials & imaging lab, we investigate and develop high-performance lightweight nanomaterials of the next-generation. Such materials will be low-cost to produce, yet very versatile and multi-functional.

Principal Investigator of the Group is Prof. Hannes Schniepp.

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May 2018 New Publication: Nanoscale (2018) — Dickinson, Kumar, Adamson, Schniepp*
"High-throughput optical thickness and size characterization of 2D materials". We developed a simple method to measure the thickness of many graphene sheets with atomic precision (press release).
Apr 2018 Undergraduate student Chloe Walsh successfully defended her honors thesis, “Self-Assembly of Native Spider Silk Protein” on April 25.
Apr 2018 Nanomaterials & Imaging Lab at William & Mary Earth Day 2018: We highlighted the ability of silk to replace synthetic plastics and the importance of our research to achieve this goal. earthweek2018.jpg
Mar 2018 Ph. D. student Qijue Wang presented his work on Mar. 5, in APS 2018 March Meeting in Los Angeles, CA. thum_aps.jpg
Mar 2018 Prof. Schniepp presents an invited talk on “Toughness-Enhancing Linear Metastructure in the Recluse Spider’s Nanoribbon Silk” in the Bio Nano Interfaces and Engineering Applications Symposium at TMS 2018: Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Phoenix, AR.
Jan 2018 Ph. D. student Qijue Wang is awarded Arts & Sciences Office of Graduate Studies and Research/Graduate Student Association Conference Funding, William and Mary.
Jan 2018 Ph. D. student Qijue Wang is selected to present his work about the structure of recluse spider silk in APS 2018 March Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, Mar. 5-9. thum_aps.jpg
Dec 2017 Prof. Schniepp speaks at the 7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues about our most recent results on the hierarchical structure of silk. thum_icmobt.jpg
Dec 2017 Prof. Schniepp joins the editorial board of PLOS ONE, one of the world's largest scientific journals as an Academic Editor.

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