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In the nanomaterials & imaging lab, we investigate and develop high-performance lightweight nanomaterials of the next-generation. Such materials will be low-cost to produce, yet very versatile and multi-functional.

Principal Investigator of the Group is Prof. Hannes Schniepp.

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May 2020 Graduation: Mahmoud Amin graduated with his Ph.D. His dissertation was titled “Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) for Thermal Management and Structural Reinforcement”.
May 2020 Graduation: Angelica Lin graduated with her M.S. in Applied Science. She did an honors thesis on the self-assembly of native silk dope.
Feb 2020 New Publication: Biomacromolecules (2020) — Liang,… Perera,…Schniepp*, and Rajkhowa*
"Protein Paper from Exfoliated Eri Silk Nanofibers". We collaborated with Deakin University in Australia to characterize silkworm silk nanofibrils using our atomic force microscope expertise. We proved that their milling and high-shear mixing techniques can produce microfibers but not nanofibrils reproducibly. (paper).
Feb 2020 New Publication: JOM (2020) — Ben H. Skopic and Hannes C. Schniepp*
"Peeling in Biological and Bioinspired Adhesive Systems". Here we reviewed all biological systems for which peeling is an important failure mode. Gecko's feet and spider silk proved to be widely studied and therefore receive more attention in our review. (paper).
Jan 2020 New Student: Aaron Stapel joined the group as a Ph.D. student. He will be returning to William and Mary after completing his undergraduate in 2016 to focus research on the diatoms. Welcome! thum_784.jpg
Dec 2019 Recent graduate Dr. Qijue Wang traveled to the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, Ma. His poster titled “Nanofibrils as the Basic Building Blocks of Natural Spider Silk” was nominated for Best Poster.
Nov 2019 Graduation: Qijue Wang graduated with his Ph.D. His dissertation was titled “Nanofibrils as the Basic Building Blocks of Spider Silk”.
Oct 2019 New Publication: Chemistry of Materials (2019) — Amin, Attwater, Pike, Williamson, Kranbuehl, Schniepp*
"High-Purity Boron Nitride Nanotubes via High-Yield Hydrocarbon Solvent Processing". Here, we propose a mild, high-yield method that removes >99% of the h-BN impurities without any apparent loss or damage to the BNNTs. (paper).
Sep 2019 New Publication: Fuel (2019) — Dickinson, Aravind, Higgins, Berg, Suijkerbuijk, Schniepp*
"Using atomic force spectroscopy to study oil/mineral interactions at reservoir temperatures and pressures". We are the first ones to use newly developed crude-oil fictionalized AFM probes to investigate crude oil/brine/rock interactions at high pressures and high temperatures. (paper).
Jul 2019 New Publication: Carbon (2019) — Zhang, Schniepp*, Adamson
"Characterization of graphene oxide: Variations in reported approaches". This review summarizes the current state of GO characterization and advocates for the development of more standard approaches to characterization. (paper).
Jul 2019 Incoming PhD student Ben Skopic was awarded the Graduate Arts and Sciences Dean's Recruitment Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded for outstanding accomplishments and for future potential.
May 2019 Graduation: Will Dickinson graduated with his PhD on “Interfacial Forces of 2D Materials at the Oil-Water Interface”. thum_optical_graphene.jpg
May 2019 Graduation: John Gardner graduated with his PhD on “Additive Manufacturing of Nanomaterials Based Hierarchical Structures”.

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