"Highly Cited" Status for 5th Paper

December 4, 2014 — By Hannes C. Schniepp
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The Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) has given “highly cited” status to our 2012 William & Mary paper "Methods of Graphene Exfoliation". First and second authors are Applied Science alum Minzhen Cai (PhD 2012) and W&M undergraduate student Daniel Thorpe '2012. Corresponding author is Prof. Schniepp.

This is Prof. Schniepp's fifth paper with “highly cited” status. Each of these papers is in the top 1% of its field, based on the number of citations it received. The discipline of the 2012 paper is “Materials Science”; other papers of these five highly cited papers are also in the disciplines “Physics” and “Chemistry”.

Citation stats updated Nov. 2016

[23] J. Mater. Chem. (2012) — Cai, Thorpe, Adamson & Schniepp*
"Methods of Graphite Exfoliation"
[10] Nature Nanotechnol. (2008) — Ramanathan, Abdala, Stankovich, Dikin, Herrera-Alonso, Piner, Adamson, Schniepp, Chen, Ruoff, Nguyen, Aksay, Prud'homme & Brinson
"Functionalized graphene sheets for polymer nanocomposites."
[8] Nano Letters (2008) — Kudin, Ozbas, Schniepp, Prud'homme, Aksay & Car
"Raman spectra of graphite oxide and functionalized graphene sheets"
[7] Chem. Mater. (2007) — McAllister, Li, Adamson, Schniepp, Abdala, Liu, Herrera-Alonso, Milius, Car, Prud'homme & Aksay
"Single Sheet Functionalized Graphene by Oxidation and Thermal Expansion of Graphite"
[4] J. Phys. Chem. B (2006) — Schniepp, Li, McAllister, Sai, Herrera-Alonso, Adamson, Prud'homme, Car, Saville & Aksay
"Functionalized Single Graphene Sheets Derived from Splitting Graphite Oxide"

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