New Graphene-Based Coatings

April 6, 2016 — By Hannes C. Schniepp
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Putting atomically thin graphene nano-sheets into plastics can make paints and coatings much better. In a study carried out in a collaboration with Prof. David Kranbuehl (William & Mary chemistry) we found that concentrations of as little as 0.01%–0.1% of this additive can make coatings 5–10 times better at stopping water vapor. Stopping water is very important to protect materials from corroding, and therefore this approach is expected to have a significant impact in improving paint systems. Other potential applications are in food packaging and hydrogen storage.

The paper has been published in the journal Polymer (2015 impact factor 3.6).


S. Hocker, N. Hudson-Smith, H. C. Schniepp, D. E. Kranbuehl
“Enhancing polyimide's water barrier properties through addition of functionalized graphene oxide”
Polymer 93, 23-29 (2016).
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DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2016.04.008
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