Our research efforts are tightly integrated with our teaching and outreach missions spanning a broad spectrum. Our group members at different levels carry out research and are supervised and prepared for the next step in their careers. Through outreach activities we further share our research experience with an even broader audience such as middle school and high school students, as well as the general public.

Research Advising

Advising students and postdocotoral researchers in independent research in the laboratory is a key activity of our teaching mission. Group members are involved in cutting-edge research project that they promote alone or in a small team.

More information about our research advising philosophy is described here.

Group Meeting

Our weekly group meeting is an integral part of our teaching and research advisign mission. Since 2008, it has been taken place at a fixed time and typically lasts two hours.

In these group meetings we have a mix of student presentations, presentations by Prof. Schniepp, and round table discussions. Students frequently give updates on their research, hold test talks for upcoming conferences, give summary presentations from recent conference visits, and present new papers or new techniques they recently learned.

The students learn presentation style and teaching techniques. For presentations that I give during these meetings, I select important topics that are not covered in our classes, or topics that students need immediately when the class has not yet taken place. In the round table discussions, we discuss lab protocols and ad hoc topics, like new data that students have acquired that they have difficulties interpreting, or questions that they have about planned experiments.

Classroom Teaching

Prof. Schniepp teaches classes in the Applied Science program, both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level. The classes offered so far include APSC 201, APSC 784, and APSC 621.


Since Fall 2013, Prof. Schniepp has continuously invested in modern technologies to improve teaching efficiency and provide students with an enhanced learning experience. This applies to both classroom teaching and research advising. He has implemented a special video-stream based teaching tool, as well as online discussion forums and wikis for his students and research advisees.

More about Prof. Schniepp's activities in e-Learning are described on the e-Learning page.

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