Our Lab In the Media

On TV, Radio and Video

Feb 2019 12-minute radio feature of our silk research titled Bulletproof Spider Silk. Aired Feb. 15 on NPR's show “With Good Reason” hosted by Sarah McConnell. (Episode Link)
Nov 2018 Science Magazine produced a video featuring our recent breakthrough on the nanofibrillar structure of spider silk on Nov. 20. (Link to Video)
Mar 2017 The U.S. National Science Foundation produces a video feature of our breakthrough on the loops of the brown recluse spider in their Science Now—Science 360 show (Episode 50). thum_nsf.jpg
Feb 2017 Discovery Channel Canada] airs a TV feature of our brown recluse looped silk discovery in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on February 15, 2017). thum_dailyplanet.jpg
Feb 2017 The Daily Press has a video feature on our silk research. daily_press_thumb.jpg
Feb 2017 BBC radio interview: On Feb. 20, the BBC aired a 5-minute radio interview with Prof. Schniepp on the group's recent breakthough on the looped recluse silk. Now available here (The Naked Scientists).
Feb 2017 ABC Australia radio interview: On Feb. 24, the BBC interview was also aired on the other side of the world. Now available here (The Naked Scientists).
Feb 2017 The Naked Scientists, a British science podcast, features Prof. Schniepp's BBC interview on their web page, including a written story and images: link.
Sep 2015 Video Interview: The Daily Press talks to Prof. Schniepp on the group's latest research on silkworm silk. thum_dailypress.jpg
Mar 2014 Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse silk project in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on March 10, 2014). thum_dailyplanet.jpg
Mar 2014 William & Mary produces the 4-minute video story "In the lab: 'Milking' brown recluse spiders for silk" about our work on brown recluse spider silk. thum_milkingvideo.jpg
Oct 2013 Daily Press Video Interview: Interview with Prof. Schniepp about our research on the recluse spider silk. This is goes along with their long article, accompanied with pictures. thum_dailypress.jpg

In Print Media

Feb 2017 The Daily Press (Hampton Roads newspaper), front page, "Recluse spider silk could hold the key to space-age materials" daily_press_thumb.jpg
Sep 2015 “A New Spin on Silk's Strength”. Cover Story in the Daily Press featuring our recently published research on shear-induced self-assembly of molecularly thin silk fibrils. thum_dailypress.jpg
Dec 2013 Advanced Materials features our brown recluse silk paper out of all communications of the Dec 23 issue with a full-page frontispiece. thum_am_frontispiece.jpg
Oct 2013 Chemical & Engineering News feature: C & E News features our paper on the recluse spider silk in their October 28 issue. thum_c_en-loxo.jpg
Oct 2013 Virginia Gazette brown recluse feature: Our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider is featured with a story and photos in their October 19 issue. thum_silk-gazette.jpg
Oct 2013 The Daily Press, Hampton Roads' big newspaper, prominently features our research on the recluse spider silk with a long online article, accompanied with pictures and a video interview. In the print edition, our story “Spider Study Untangles the Web” had a large title page feature in the Oct 15 issue. thum_dailypress.jpg
Oct 2013 The WIRED magazine highlights our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider with an exciting article: “Brown Recluse Spider’s Silk Is Strong and Really Strange.” thum_silk-wired.jpg
May 2012 "Lighter, Stronger, Better" — our research on graphene-based high-performance polymer nanocomposites is featured in the ideation magazine. thum_go-ideation.jpg
Mar 2012 "Making spider-sense" — our ground breaking discoveries on the silk protein are featured in the ideation magazine. thum_silkeation.jpg
Oct 2006 Nature Materials Feature: Self-Healing Hannes Schniepp's AFM work studying the molecular-scale self-assembly of detergent molecules at millisecond time scales got prominently highlighted.

Online Media

Nov 2018 Discussion of the recent ACS Macro Letters paper reaches #1 on the engineering subreddit for two days receiving over 32,000 upvotes and 800 comments. (Link to thread)
Feb 2017 Chemistry World (The Royal Society of Chemistry), "Spider silk strength is in the loop"
Feb 2017 Oxford News (University of Oxford), "Deadly spider’s spinning technique could inspire tougher materials" oxford_spider_thumb.jpg
Feb 2017 Inside Science (American Institute of Physics), "Loops Give Extra Toughness to Recluse Spider Silk" inside_sci_thumb.jpg
Feb 2017 Seeker, Venomous brown recluse spiders produce incredibly strong web silk that could be copied for multiple uses, including snagging space junk: "Deadly Spider Sews Industrial-Strength Silk Strands" inside_sci_thumb.jpg
Feb 2017 W&M News, "The brown recluse spider engineers extra-strong silk by spinning loops onto a flat strand"
Sep 2016 William & Mary features our Lab in a news story about the new ISC building.
Our highly sensitive work on atomic force microscopy is highlighted.
Oct 2015 Our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider is highlighted by the ideation magazine article: "Unraveling the secret of silk that's more alive than dead". thum_ideation_2013.jpg


Our Press Releases

11 Oct 2019

We developed a method of purifying BNNTs at low temperatures with higher than 90% yield. In electronics, BNNTs are excellent electrical insulators with high thermal conductivity.

4 May 2018

We developed a simple method to measure the thickness of many graphene sheets with atomic precision.

14 Feb 2017

Press Release: Looped Ribbon Silk By Hannes Schniepp

In a new landmark publication we show that microloops in the ribbons silk of the recluse spider feature tremendous and unexpected toughness enhancing capabilities. Worldwide news coverage on TV, radio, print and online media.

8 Apr 2016

New Paper: Nanofiber Analysis By Sean Koebley

Our new review article addresses nanoscale characterization using atomic force microscopy.

6 Apr 2016

New Graphene-Based Coatings By Hannes Schniepp

Our new paper shows that putting atomically thin graphene nano-sheets into plastics can make paints and coatings much better.

1 Sep 2015

Press Release: Processed Silk By Hannes Schniepp

Our recent paper in Biomacromolesules revealed for first time that there are Flaws of Processed Silk Revealed at the Molecular Scale.

8 Oct 2013

We were the first team to extract silk fibers from the recluse spider and tested its properties.


Cover Stories

Cover features of Prof. Schniepp's work at William & Mary and previous institutions.

2013-12-23_frontispiece_400.jpg acsnano_120108_270.jpg cmatex_090407_270.jpg

Prof. Schniepp's Work at Previous Institutions

6 Aug 2009 "Bringing Graphene to Market", by Katherine Bourzac MIT Technology Review.
The work features Prof. Schniepp's AFM work on graphene.
2 Mar 2009 C&EN, Chemical and Engineering News (ACS) features Prof. Schniepp's AFM work on functionalized graphene sheets in a review article about graphene
10 Jun 2009 "Alum's startup company bets on Princeton research", by Brett Tomlinson Princeton Alumni Weekly. thum_paw.jpg
15 May 2007 "Vorbeck says it can produce graphene cheaply and abundantly", EQuad News Blog. thum_vor.jpg
1 May 2007 "Nanocomposites", a Feature Article in Plastics Technology by Lilli Manolis Sherman, Senior Editor. thum_pt.jpg
6 Oct 2006 "Speedy self-healing–The secrets of micellar coating dynamics revealed by AFM", News and Views feature by Vicki Cleave in Nature Materials (October 2006 issue).
2006 "From Quonset huts to ballerinas–Princeton scientists solve a nanotech mystery", Equad News (Spring/Summer 2006). thum_eq.jpg
2005 H. C. Shum and H. C. Schniepp, "Golden Surfactants", participation in the Art of Science competition at Princeton University. The contribution was selected to be part of a one-year art exhibition at Princeton University (2005). thum_art.jpg
2003 H. C. Schniepp, “Exploring nuclear membranes at the nanometer scale”, self-produced, 5-minute video documentation, presented as selected project at the Nanofair (www.nanofair.ch) exhibition by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), St. Gallen, Switzerland (2003).

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