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Peer-Reviewed Publications

[40] Chemistry of Materials (2019) — Amin, Attwater, Pike, Williamson, Kranbuehl, Schniepp*
"High-Purity Boron Nitride Nanotubes via High-Yield Hydrocarbon Solvent Processing".
[39] Fuel (2019) — Dickinson, Aravind, Higgins, Berg, Suijkerbuijk, Schniepp*
"Using atomic force spectroscopy to study oil/mineral interactions at reservoir temperatures and pressures".
[38] Carbon (2019) — Zhang, Schniepp*, Adamson
"Characterization of graphene oxide: Variations in reported approaches"
[37] JOM (2019) — Wang, Schniepp*
"Nanofibrils as Building Blocks of Silk Fibers: Critical Review of the Experimental Evidence"
[36] ACS Macro Letters (2018) — Wang, Schniepp*
"Strength of Recluse Spider’s Silk Originates from Nanofibrils"
[35] Polymer (2018) — Hocker, Kim, Schniepp, Kranbuehl
"Polymer Crystallinity and the Ductile to Brittle Transition"
[34] Nanoscale (2018) — Dickinson, Kumar, Adamson, Schniepp*
"High-throughput optical thickness and size characterization of 2D materials"
[33] Polymer (2017) — Hocker, Hudson-Smith, Smith, Komatsu, Dickinson, Schniepp, Kranbuehl
"Graphene oxide reduces the hydrolytic degradation in polyamide-11"
[32] Materials Horizons (2017) — Koebley, Vollrath, & Schniepp*
"Toughness-enhancing metastructure in the recluse spider's looped ribbon silk"
[31] Energy & Fuels (2016) — Dickinson, Suijkerbuijk, Berg, Marcelis & Schniepp*
"Atomic Force Spectroscopy Using Colloidal Tips Functionalized with Dried Crude Oil: A Versatile Tool to Investigate Oil–Mineral Interactions"
[30] Surface Innovations (2016) — Dickinson, Kranbuehl & Schniepp*
"Assessing Graphene Oxide/Polymer Interfacial Interactions via Peeling Test"
[29] Polymer (2016) — Hocker, Hudson-Smith, Schniepp & Kranbuehl
"Enhancing polyimide's water barrier properties through addition of functionalized graphene oxide"
[28] Nanoscale (2016) — Neugirg, Koebley, Schniepp* & Fery
"AFM-based mechanical characterization of single nanofibres"
[27] Biomacromolecules (2015) — Koebley, Thorpe, Pang, Chrisochoides, Vollrath & Schniepp*
"Silk Reconstitution Disrupts Fibroin Self-Assembly"
[26] Small (2014) — Cui, Oyer, Glover, Schniepp & Adamson
"Large Scale Thermal Exfoliation and Functionalization of Boron Nitride"
[25] Adv. Materials (2013) — Schniepp*, Koebley & Vollrath
"Brown Recluse Spider's Nanometer Scale Ribbons of Stiff Extensible Silk"


[24] Int. J. Oral Maxillofac. Implants (2012) — Rapuano, Hackshaw, Schniepp & MacDonald
"Effects of Coating a Titanium Alloy with Fibronectin on the Expression of Osteoblast Gene Markers in the MC3T3 Osteoprogenitor Cell Line"
[23] J. Mater. Chem. (2012) — Cai, Thorpe, Adamson & Schniepp*
"Methods of Graphite Exfoliation"
[22] J. Phys. Chem. C (2012) — Glover, Adamson & Schniepp*
"Charge-Driven Selective Adsorption of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on Graphene Oxide Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy"
[21] Nano LIFE (2012) — Li, Schniepp, Aksay & Car
"Phonon-Induced Anisotropic Dispersion Forces On A Metallic Substrate"
[20] J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2012) — Oyer, Carrillo, Hire, Schniepp, Asandei, Dobrynin & Adamson
"Stabilization of Graphene Sheets by a Structured Benzene/Hexafluorobenzene Mixed Solvent"
[19] Biomacromolecules (2012) — Greving, Cai, Vollrath & Schniepp*
"Shear-Induced Self-Assembly of Native Silk Proteins into Fibrils Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy"
[18] Macromolecules (2011) — Glover, Cai, Overbeek, Kranbuehl & Schniepp*
"In Situ Reduction of Graphene Oxide in Polymers"
[17] J. Appl. Polym. Sci. B (2011) — Kranbuehl, Cai, Glover & Schniepp*
"Measurement of the interfacial attraction between graphene oxide sheets and the polymer in a nanocomposite"
[16] Coll. Surf. B (2011) — MacDonald, Rapuano & Schniepp
"Surface oxide net charge of a titanium alloy: Comparison between effects of treatment with heat or radiofrequency plasma glow discharge"
[14] Appl. Opt. (2010) — Fang, Punckt, Leung, Schniepp & Aksay
"Tuning of structural color using a dielectric actuator and multifunctional compliant electrodes"
[13] ACS Nano (2008) — Schniepp, Kudin, Li, Car & Aksay
"Bending Properties of Single Functionalized Graphene Sheets Probed by Atomic Force Microscopy"

From Prof. Schniepp's Work at Previous Institutions (2002–2008)

[12] Langmuir (2008) — Murira, Punckt, Schniepp, Khusid, & Aksay
"Inhibition and Promotion of Copper Corrosion by CTAB in a Microreactor System"
[11] J. Phys. Chem C (2008) — Schniepp, Shum, Saville & Aksay
"Orientational Order of Molecular Assemblies on Rough Surfaces"
[10] Nature Nanotechnol. (2008) — Ramanathan, Abdala, Stankovich, Dikin, Herrera-Alonso, Piner, Adamson, Schniepp, Chen, Ruoff, Nguyen, Aksay, Prud'homme & Brinson
"Functionalized graphene sheets for polymer nanocomposites."
[9] Langmuir (2008) — Schniepp, Saville & Aksay
"Tip-Induced Orientational Order of Surfactant Micelles on Gold."
[8] Nano Letters (2008) — Kudin, Ozbas, Schniepp, Prud'homme, Aksay & Car
"Raman spectra of graphite oxide and functionalized graphene sheets"
[7] Chem. Mater. (2007) — McAllister, Li, Adamson, Schniepp, Abdala, Liu, Herrera-Alonso, Milius, Car, Prud'homme & Aksay
"Single Sheet Functionalized Graphene by Oxidation and Thermal Expansion of Graphite"
[6] J. Phys. Chem. B (2007) — Schniepp, Shum, Saville & Aksay
"Surfactant Aggregates at Rough Solid–Liquid Interfaces"
[5] J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2006) — Schniepp, Saville & Aksay.   Featured in Nature Materials.

"Self-Healing of Surfactant Surface Micelles on Millisecond Time Scales"

[4] J. Phys. Chem. B (2006) — Schniepp, Li, McAllister, Sai, Herrera-Alonso, Adamson, Prud'homme, Car, Saville & Aksay
"Functionalized Single Graphene Sheets Derived from Splitting Graphite Oxide"
[3] Phys. Rev. Lett. (2006) — Saville, Chun, Li, Schniepp, Car & Aksay
"Orientational Order of Molecular Assemblies on Inorganic Crystals"
[2] Opt. Lett. (2003) — Rogobete, Schniepp, Sandoghdar & Henkel
"Spontaneous emission in nanoscopic dielectric particles"
[1] Phys. Rev. Lett. (2002) — Schniepp & Sandoghdar
"Spontaneous Emission of Europium Ions Embedded in Nanoscopic Dielectric Media"

Other Publications

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[P–1] US Patent 9,162,896 B2 (Oct. 20, 2015) — The College of William & Mary
D. E. Kranbuehl, S. K. Cotts, H. C. Schniepp, M. Cai, A. J. Glover
“Method for making polymer composites containing graphene sheets”




The Schniepp group is in support of “open data” efforts; the data of selected projects will be made fully available to the public as soon as publication and patenting is not negatively impacted.


All data is published under the very permissive, global CC-BY 4.0 license. In short, this means that the materials can be re-used as long as attribution is given to Schniepp Lab.

Published Datasets

High Throughput Optical Graphene Assessment

Optical microscopy data, as used in our 2018 Nanoscale paper "High-throughput optical thickness and size characterization of 2D materials". The details and results are described there. We have also published the software to carry out the image processing done for the publication: invert-mountain. thum_optical_graphene.jpg
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