icon-graphene.jpg Graphene is the strongest and toughest material known to man, and it has outstanding electronic properties. Hannes Schniepp has been active in the graphene field since 2005. Some of his early publications in the field on chemically prepared functionalized graphene have since become citation classics [4], [7], [8], [10]. His graphene works have been cited 7208 times.

Currently, the research team investigates opportunities to exploit the outstanding electronic properties of graphene oxide for future optoelectronic applications, such as photovoltaics (funded by NSF).

We exploit the excellent mechanical properties of functionalized graphenes for nanocomposite applications.

Our Graphene Research in the Media

May 2012 "Lighter, Stronger, Better" — our research on graphene-based high-performance polymer nanocomposites is featured in the ideation magazine. thum_go-ideation.jpg

Our Press Releases

6 Apr 2016

New Graphene-Based Coatings By Hannes Schniepp

Our new paper shows that putting atomically thin graphene nano-sheets into plastics can make paints and coatings much better.

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Graphene Funding

Aug 2015 The National Science Foundation (NSF) has made a 4-year, $324,000 award from the DMREF program (Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future) to Prof. Schniepp, starting Oct. 2015. thum_nsf.jpg

Current Researchers

Avishi Abeywickrama Hannes C. Schniepp

Previous Members

Will Dickinson Laura Dickinson
will_headshot.jpg thum_laura.jpg

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