Dec 2019 Qijue Wang presented a poster at the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA where he was awarded a nomination for Best Poster
Feb 2019 12-minute radio feature of our silk research titled Bulletproof Spider Silk. Aired Feb. 15 on NPR's show “With Good Reason” hosted by Sarah McConnell. (Episode Link)
Nov 2018 Discussion of Strength of Recluse Spider’s Silk Originates from Nanofibrils reaches #1 on the engineering subreddit for two days, receiving over 32,000 upvotes and 800 comments.
Mar 2017 The U.S. National Science Foundation produces a video feature of our breakthrough on the loops of the brown recluse spider in their Science Now—Science 360 show (Episode 50). thum_nsf.jpg
Feb 2017 Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse looped silk discovery in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on February 15). thum_dailyplanet.jpg
Feb 2017 BBC radio interview: On Feb. 20, the BBC aired a 5-minute radio interview with Prof. Schniepp on the group's recent breakthough on the looped recluse silk. Now available here (The Naked Scientists).
Dec 2015 Prof. Schniepp delivers an invited Keynote Speech at the 6th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues. thum_icmobt.jpg
Dec 2015 Sean Koebley's poster on the toughness of the brown recluse spider was nominated for Best Poster Award at the 2015 MRS Fall National Meeting in Boston, MA.
Sep 2015 Video Interview: The Daily Press talks to Prof. Schniepp on the group's latest research on silkworm silk. thum_dailypress.jpg
Aug 2015 The National Science Foundation (NSF) has made a 4-year, $324,000 award from the DMREF program (Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future) to Prof. Schniepp, starting Oct. 2015. thum_nsf.jpg
Feb 2015 For the term 2015–2018, The College of William & Mary has designated Prof. Schniepp the Adina Allen Term Distinguished Associate Professor of Applied Science in recognition for his contributions in teaching and research.
Dec 2014 "Highly Cited" Status for 5th Paper: Our 2012 paper “Methods of Graphite Exfoliation” has now reached “highly cited” status, as it is in the top 1% of all papers in Materials Science. This is Prof. Schniepp's 5th “highly cited” paper.
May 2014 Prof. Schniepp is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award from the U. S. National Science Foundation (award # DMR-1352542). The award will provide a total of $450,000 over 5 years to investigate the ribbon silk of the loxosceles spider. thum_nsf.jpg
Mar 2014 Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse silk project in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on March 10). thum_dailyplanet.jpg
Dec 2013 Advanced Materials features our brown recluse silk paper out of all communications of the Dec 23 issue with a full-page frontispiece. thum_am_frontispiece.jpg
Oct 2013 The WIRED magazine highlights our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider with an exciting article. thum_silk-wired.jpg

Cover Stories

Cover features of Prof. Schniepp's work at William & Mary and previous institutions.

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