Research Advising & Mentoring

Advising students and postdocotoral researchers in independent research in the laboratory is a key activity of our teaching mission. Group members are involved in cutting-edge research project that they promote alone or in a small team. Research advising is complemented by teaching classes of the Applied Science programs (APSC 201, APSC 201, and APSC 201), and by outreach activities.

Graduate (PhD) Students

Ph.D. students in our program are trained to be tomorrow's research leaders. In the course of their training they learn to take ownership of one or several research projects.

In close supervision, they develop all the technical and intellectual skills it takes to carry out research at the forefront of science.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students from Williams & Mary's chemistry, physics, biology, and geology departments have carried out independent research projects in our laboratory. These undergraduate students develop first-hand experience of being part of a cutting-edge, high-profile research program. This is an important experience for the students to develop their careers.

The experience in our laboratory is especially important for the large fraction of our students who decide to stay in research after graduating at William & Mary. They learn many important technical lab skills as well as communicating research. Most of them participate even in publications in high-profile scientific journals.

Based on their experience and skills gained in the Schniepp research group, many of our undergraduate students have been accepted into Ph.D. programs at top schools, including Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Cornell University, U North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Georgetown University. In addition, many of our students have received awards for scholarships.

High School Students

Via internships in our laboratory, we offer a unique experience to interested high school students. Our aim is to share our excitement about research with students as early as possible in their careers. Not only can students immerse themselves in this inspiring environment. They actually get an opportunity to become part and contribute to cutting-edge science.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers in our laboratory have the opportunity to simultaneously be exposed to several research projects at a time. They are involved in planning research and writing proposals; they also get experience in supervising undergraduate and graduate students. Through this experience in our research group, postdocs are prepared for careers in research.

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