Schniepp Group Main Laboratories

Most experiments will be conducted in Prof. Schniepp’s main research laboratories in Integrated Science Center 3 (ISC-3) on the campus of The College of William & Mary. The laboratories comprise one thousand sq. ft. laboratory (see Figure 1) and an ultra-low noise laboratory for the SPM instruments. The main laboratory has 3 fume hoods; this is where all the sample preparation will be carried out. All the tools and devices for sample preparation are available. This includes a Millipore Synergy UV picopure water source, stirrers and hot plates, a Fisher Blue M vacuum oven, a Lindbergh STF54453C tube furnace, a Fisher ultrasonic bath, a Hettich Universal 320 Centrifuge, and a Microson XL2007 high-power dismembrator (100 W).

Two state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopes are installed in the ultra-low noise laboratory (see Figure 2). This laboratory provides ideal conditions for highest-resolution atomic force microscopy, as demonstrated in Prof. Schniepp's recent publications. Single-molecule resolutions are routinely achieved. The temperature and humidity in this laboratory are fully controlled.

Figure 1: Prof. Schniepp's 1,000 sq-ft laboratory in Integrated Science Center 3 (ISC-3).
Figure 2: Prof. Schniepp's ultra-low noise lab.
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