Paper: Characterization of graphene oxide: Variations in reported approaches

Fab 24, 2020 — By Ben Skopic
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The characterization of graphene oxide (GO) is a critical component of any GO based investigation. In this review, we attempt to highlight both the consistencies and inconsistencies of current approaches. Reviewing all of the GO literature would be an impossible task, so recent articles in two research areas are sampled: GO as a dispersant and GO as an emulsion stabilizer. Our goal is to summarize the current state of GO characterization and advocate for the development of more standard approaches to characterization.

Our paper has been published in the journal Carbon (2018 impact factor: 7.466).


Zhihao Zhang, Hannes C. Schniepp*, Douglas H. Adamson
“Characterization of graphene oxide: Variations in reported approaches”
Carbon 154, 510-521 (2019)

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DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2019.07.103
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