Paper: High-Throughput Optical Thickness and Size Characterization of 2D Materials

May 4, 2018 — By Will Dickinson
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We describe a method using simple optical microscopy and image processing that simultaneously characterizes thousands of nanosheets in a sample area on the order of 1 mm2. Including data acquisition and processing, both the number of atomic layers and the lateral sizes of all sheets can be obtained within a few hours—approximately 100 times faster than with previous methods, such as atomic force microscopy. We demonstrate the utility of this method by examining fractions made from a sample of graphene oxide (GO) made using an emulsion-based method. Beyond providing the morphological composition of the samples, the reported method is sensitive enough to provide information about the oxidation level of a population of GO sheets and, correspondingly, optical constants of the material.

See our Press Release: Measuring the Thickness of the Thinnest.

Our paper has been published in the journal Nanoscale (2017 impact factor: 7.367).


W. W. Dickinson, H. V. Kumar, D. H. Adamson, H. C. Schniepp*
“High-Throughput Optical Thickness and Size Characterization of 2D Materials”
Nanoscale 10, 14441–14447 (2018)

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DOI: 10.1039/C8NR01725E
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Associated Software & Data

Along with this paper we also published this content for general access:

  • The code we developed implementing a special algorithm we developed for this work: invert-mountain (free and open source software). It compensates images for contrast inversion.
  • The complete dataset used for the optical images images in the paper: High Throughput Optical Graphene Assessment.
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